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Wireless Headphones Firmware Updates Available

Headphones FW Updates.jpg


A firmware update is available today, October 5th for the following Bluetooth headsets:


  • SoundSport Wireless – v1.3.4
  • SoundSport Pulse – v1.2.7
  • QuietControl 30 – v1.3.6
  • SoundLink Around Ear II – v2.2.11
  • QC35 – v1.3.4


These updates are available on the btu.bose.com site and over the air via the Connect App. 


Release Notes:


  • With firmware version 1.3.6 comes a change in the Noise Cancelling performance of QC30.  The Noise Cancellation has been improved in the lower frequencies to make it more consistent with QC20’s performance.


Fix for WhatsApp and Facebook Video issues


  • Resolves an issue with WhatsApp and Facebook videos when using music sharing with another headset.  When audio is being played through two headsets using music sharing mode and the customer switches to Facebook or WhatsApp, the audio that was playing should pause and play the WhatsApp or Facebook audio through both headsets.  This has now been resolved.


  • Fixes an issue where you cannot listen to the WhatsApp voice message when listening to a music source, such as Apple Music or Spotify.  Before the fix, you would have to manually stop the music then play the voice message. Now, you can play voice messages and the music will stop automatically. Once the message is done, the music will return.


Additional fixes for incorrect voice prompts that occur when answering calls in Korean, Mandarin or Japanese languages.


Fixes an issue where the Bose Connect app OTA firmware update counter starts and restarts multiple times when downloading a firmware update.


General Music Sharing improvements with audio delay.