Wireless Soundsport headphones broken by light rain

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Wireless Soundsport headphones broken by light rain

The wireless soundsport headphones are marketed as water and sweat resistant, however, during just my fourth run in them, first in light drizzle, they have stopped working and will not switch back on. I tried to return them to the shop which I purchased them and they told me I will need to pursue the manufacturer. I love Bose audio devices and own both micro and mini sounlinks, but these headphones don't seem to be fit for purpose. They were really good whilst working but it seems I am not the only person who has encountered issues when they have become wet. These are marketed as headphones suitable for running in the rain due to sweat and water resistance. I had a pair of iPhone headphones and ran with them through all sorts of weather conditions for 2 years without any issues. Is there any recourse for replacement headphones or refund?

Re: Wireless Soundsport headphones broken by light rain

Hi OllyH 


Thanks for writing in and sorry to hear about the issues!


I would recommend contacting your local support center to help with a warranty claim.  Just click HERE and select your country and Contact Us at the bottom of the page.  


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Tony A - Community Support