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Mar 20, 2019

"You Get What You Pay For"

I've read numerous reviews on several internet sites that sell Bose Headphones of all types. I've also researched reviews posted for headphones made by other manufacturers. In all the same feedback rings loud and clear; the materials/hardware in all devices have limited lifespans. Some much shorter than others. Overall most negative reviews for Bose Headphones have all to do with the hardware durability or morover lack thereof. Most everyone raves about the sound quality and a few speak to issues with connectivity. The majority state that they were willing to pay more for Bose to enjoy a superior sound that only Bose seems to be able to provide. Not a single reviewer stated that they didn't mind paying more to experience significant issues with hardware durability and limited battery life/device lifespan. We pay more because we expect more from Bose because historically you were the best on the market but today; not so much. There's an American saying "You Get What You Pay For" but that's not so true anymore. One Bose representative told one consumer of Bose Hearphones that "there will always be some issues with all products" and this is true. There is however something called "full disclosure" and say for instance that your hearphone battery life is approximately 1500 hrs then that information needs to be disclosed prior to ones purchase in all fairness since the end of battery life is equivalent to owning junk thereafter. Please listen up Bose; we really need access to superior and durable products even if they cost a little more. (Use your Headphones if needed; I hear the audio is excellent in this device)