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Dec 26, 2015

bose qc ii pair with pc not working



I have just bought the QC 35ii's and they seem like nice headphones.  I was able to get them paired with my android phone easily.  But I am also trying to get them to connect to a Windows PC.  I found these instructions and can get the headphones to the point where the headphones are saying Ready to connect but windows will not see the device in order to pair.  I have also tried using the sound connect app and "connect to another device"


I have also tried clearing the paired device list.  Any other suggestions?

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Jun 15, 2018

Re: bose qc ii pair with pc not working

@clintdOnce you have factory reset the QC35ii and it's ready to pair then the 'issue' is not likely with Bose but with your PC.  In the best case scenario, you can try rebooting your PC and then depending on whether you have win 7 or 10, you do the equivalent of 'add device'.  That will establish the Bluetooth (BT) connection and then you will need to start one or both of the services/features - one for A2DS (stereo streaming) and/or one for phones (Voice Over IP).  If all is good, you will then be able to communicate fully with your QC35ii.

I saw the worse case scenario last fall where I had your situation and NONE of my Bose devices were recognized (two Revolve's, QC35ii, Soundlink Mini II, and Soundsport wired) no matter what I tried.  If that happens, you can do what I did which was go back to a 'disk image' I had created on June 30, 2018 which miraculously made everything work again even after I updated my apps and windows after that.  I never did determine what caused the problem in the first place - probably some value in a file or registry entry I suspect.  But if you don't image, and you are willing to do so, you can do a reinstall of windows and hope that works.   The only other worse case scenario option would be to totally disable your bluetooth internal hardware (you need to do so to prevent a conflict).  My hardware as a small card made by Intel that contained wifi and BT chipsets - I disabled just the BT part.  Then you go to eBay or the like and for about $15 purchase an SMK Nano BT USB dongle with CSR drivers.  That worked on my Dells for all my Bose devices.

And here is what you can try before you make it to the worse case situations:

1. I have heard here (and did the upgrade myself) that it is a good idea to uninstall Windows .Net Framework and install the latest version - 4.8.

2. Try updating your Bluetooth drivers (many different vendors supply hardware for PCs) directly from the BT vendor site (and not the PC site).  Then if that doesn't work, try uninstall the drivers and installing older ones back up to 2 years

3. Uninstall all windows updates back two years and then if that fixes the problem, install the updates one at a time until it BT pairing stops working