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Mar 1, 2019

bose qc ii turning off by itself

im very frustrated because every time i turn on my headphones they connect to my phone then turn off a couple minutes later by themselves. i went in the bose app and tried updating them bt it syas they are up to date, and then when i went to the bose update center and downlaoded the software and plugged in my headphones nothing happened. i havent even haad the headphons for  year im really upset and dissapointed becasue these are by far the best headphones i have ever used. any suggestions?

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Feb 26, 2019

Re: bose qc ii turning off by itself

Hello Jopatrickmo!


Welcome to the community.

I'm sorry to hear about the issues you've been having here and would be happy to get these back to how they were so you can continue enjoying your headphones to their full capacity!


As such, can you try the following please?


1)  Use the Bose Connect app to check if the auto-off setting is set to something other than Never. You can set your product to turn off after a selectable period of time if there is no interaction with the product during that time (like playing sound or pressing buttons).


2) Check that the headphones are fully charged and not turning off due to a low charge here. If this is the case, please fully charge your headphones and try again!



If you have tried the above, please can you instead answer the following so we can assist further?

-Do you get the same issues when playing through Aux?

-Do you get the same issues with all audio devices, e.g. other phones, tablets or computers?

-Do the headphones give you any kind of audio indicating they're powering down or disconnecting, or do they just stop playing?


I hope this helps!



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