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May 7, 2019

need known good trrs to trs adapter for qc 25 (samsung cable)

I purposely purchased the qc25's w/ Samsung cable a few weeks ago. They work great with devices and jacks that accept whatever type of trrs connector is on the Samsung cable; but for standard 1/8" stereo TRS devices, no dice. This was expected, but what was not expected was that I have now tried 3 entirely different brands of TRRS to TRS cable/adapter, and none of them have worked successfully. (And strangely a lot of people advertising such cables don't mention whether it's Android or Apple compatible).


I know my headphones came with the airline adapter that has TRS on it - but due to the design, they won't plug into anything else readily. Guess I could get an extender cable for the airline adapter? but that seems silly.


So: what type of TRRS to TRS adapter do I specifically need to get the Samsung cable for the QC 25 to work?