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Aug 28, 2019

no Stereo selection only hands-free microsoft bluetooth A2dp source issue ??? plz help !!!

can someone plz help me with this issue, about 3 weeks ago i turn off my laptop and all was ok, next day i open it and the Stereo selection was missing and all i see is this Hands-Free one which is not good quality bc i can hear myself talk in the head phones from the build in mic, so the sound is being send from the active mic into the headphone along with the laptop sound so i dont know how to fix it, i try everything that i can, uninstall , delete and set up again and reinstall drScreen Shot 08-19-19 at 11.02 AM.PNGScreen Shot 08-19-19 at 09.44 PM.PNGivers and stuff, how to fix this ?