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Mar 24, 2018

quiet confort II audio (bluetooth or wired) stopped working, help

Hi , My QC 35B II stopped working suddently while I was listening to audio via wired connection. The audio and the noise cancelling went off. Lights are OK, recharging works.

First tried to switch off, then on multiple times.

Then reset my headset (30sec off, plugged 5 sec to power and wait 1min, switch on again).

I then tried via bluetooth (my phone and my computer had the bluetooth connection OK with the headset): no sound. 

I then tried to upgrade the firmware; it appears that I had the firmware 3.1.8  and upgraded to 4.3.6 with my computer. The upgrade went OK.

Still the same problem.

The only way to have audio is to switch off connect by wire: of course this passive mode works. When I switch on, no audio.

I tried to dowgrade using advanced mode (a d v up and down arrows) but I only have the latest firmware available: 4.3.6, not the old ones.
here is the system information in advanced mode:

System Information
Updater Software Version
Bluetooth Device Firmware Version
Bluetooth Device Hardware Version 01.00.00
Bluetooth Device Name BayWolf
Bluetooth Device Serial Number - Edited By Moderator - 
USB PID 4020
Operating System Microsoft Windows 10 Éducation
Operating System Service Pack
Total Physical Memory 16384MB
Available Physical Memory 11720MB
Processor Model Name Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7500U CPU @ 2.70GHz
Processor Information Intel64 Family 6 Model 142 Stepping 9


Re: quiet confort II audio (bluetooth or wired) stopped working, help

Hi Tichadok,


Thank you for posting, I'm sorry to hear you're having this issue with your QuietComfort 35 II headphones.


As you seem to have done most of the troubleshooting we would recommend for the issue you are experiencing, the next step I would suggest for you would be to contact your local Technical Support team for further assistance. 

You can find their contact information HERE by selecting your region and then 'Contact Us'.


I hope this helps.

Keith_L - Community Support -