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Nov 2, 2018

stayHear+ tips-

I am a new user (5 days) who lost all the hearing in my left ear and some in my right ear due to an attack of Labarithis Vertigo. So far thge Hearphones seem to be a great help, but I am experiencing some discomfort in my right ear when I wear them for an extended period. I have tried all three tips, and small is too small and large really hurt my ears. Medium seems the best , but I have to push it in fairly hard to make it stay. Anybody have experience with this issue?


Re: stayHear+ tips-

Hello vertigo guy,

Welcome to the community. We're glad to hear the Hearphones are helping. You do want to gently place the ear tips in your ear, you should not push them in but tuck them under the ridge of your ear. Here is a video that may help:

We hope this helps you, thanks for posting and have a great day.


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