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May 18, 2021

LE Bose open headphones connection

Recently I been dealing with this issue with LE mode on my Bose open sports headphones. I was on my Chromebook with my headphones connected, I walked away without realizing they were going dead. I come back notice that they were dead of course. I charge them up and try to connect them t my computer once again but it had LE next to it. I thought it meant Left Ear so I just connected them to my Chromebook. I noticed when I went on a meeting I couldn't hear other people. I tried what other threads said to do. I disconnected them Cleared Bluetooth list. I forgot the device and stuff. It works perfectly fine with my phone though. Can someone help with this?


Re: LE Bose open headphones connection

Hello Selever, 


Thanks for posting! 

LE refers to Bluetooth Low Energy aka BLE. It is not related to the left ear specifically and also due to the manner of it's operation uses incredibly little power. We do not recommend pairing your headphones via the LE connection that appears on the Bluetooth list, but instead the standard name (e.g Bose Sport Earbuds.


If you experience issues with the connection please unpair the headphones, reset and establish a new connection as per the above. 


I hope this helps!





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