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Nov 2, 2018

COVID 19 Delays

Everyone should be aware that the current crisis has caused long lead times in getting defective Hearphones replaced!  I sent my phones in August 3 and they took until August 7 to get to the Bose facility in Arizona.  I talked to customer support today and was told it would take until the end of the week to look at them. Then they would ship the replacements.  This means the replacements would arrive the week of August 17, a three week turnaround.  For the hearing impaired this is a long time.


A friend gave me a set that her husband had used for 2 months, he has dementia and said he didn't like them because they made to much noise.  I tried them and sure enough the left ear was howling. i sent these back to be repaired.  I don't think the Hearphones are repairable as they are sealed units.  I advise everyone to get the extended warranty. 

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Re: COVID 19 Delays

Hi Murrydog,


Thanks for telling us about your recent experiences with Bose Support. Yes, it's been extremely trying lately.


Thank you for your understanding.