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Nov 18, 2019

Design Idea

The hearphones could reach a wider audience if the wifi portion was removed. I work in a closed environment where no cellphones, fitbits or anything with wifi can enter.  Cybersecurity is heading this way also. If the Hearphone could be designed with a cable that could interface with a cellphone, tablet or computer and have the functions accessed that way it could make it easier to use and people in these secure environments could use this device at work.

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Re: Design Idea

Hi DBang,


Thank you for the interesting design idea.


Your Bose Hearphones do not have Wi-Fi connectivity. They do however have Bluetooth for connectivity to phones and tablets to use the Bose Hear app and to stream audio.  You can't disable Bluetooth.


If you want to suggest a way to disable Bluetooth please add your voice to the discussion linked below.

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Thank you!





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