Firmware and Bose Hear app Release Notes

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Firmware and Bose Hear app Release Notes

Firmware 1.6.4


Release notes:

  • Bug fixes and minor improvements
    • Minor adjustment to low frequencies in Front and Focused Directivity modes

Customers will be notified through the Bose Hear app when the firmware update is available. Please install the update.


NOTE: After the update completes, your Hearphones may become unresponsive. If so, please connect to a charger until the amber light comes on (less than 30 seconds). You can then disconnect from the charger and your Hearphones should operate normally.




Bose Hear app version 1.3.0


IOS release notes:

  • Compatible with IOS 11
  • Updated Auto-Off Timer can turn off Hearphones when earbuds are not in your ears.
    • Update product firmware and then go to Settings, Auto-Off timer, and set your preferences.

Android release notes:

  • Updated Auto-Off Timer can turn off Hearphones when earbuds are not in your ears.
    • Update product firmware and then go to Settings, Auto-Off timer, and set your preferences.


Bose Hear App version 1.2.4


This update applies to Android devices only, not IOS.

Bose Hear App 1.2.4 has no visible changes, and it addresses only minor bugs.


Firmware 1.6.3


Release notes:

  1. Optimized feedback monitoring.
  2. Fixes an audible pop that can be heard when music is stopped from a streaming device. This was more noticeable on android devices.
  3. Fixes an issue where the headset would not power off while charging.
  4. Fixes a rare situation where there could be no audio while on a phone call.



Firmware 1.4.1


There are two updates:

  • Bose Hear app version 1.2.2
  • Hearphones firmware update 1.4.1


You need to install Bose Hear app version 1.2.2 to update your Hearphones to firmware version 1.4.1.


For best results, please follow these steps to ensure your Hearphones stay connected to the phone or tablet running the Bose Hear app.

  • Charge your Hearphones to 100% before you install updates
  • Use the Bose Hear app Settings to set auto off to NEVER. You can put it back to your preferred setting after the update.
  • Keep the Bose Hear app in the foreground on your phone or tablet. It's okay if it's running in the background but if you close it or force-quit this update will have to start over when you start the app again.
  • Keep your Hearphones beside the phone or tablet during the update. This can take up to an hour in total. We're doing this to maintain a good connection. Otherwise, you could walk out of range or encounter interference that can break the connection and force the process to restart.
  • Check back after an hour to see if the update has completed.


To get the latest version of Bose Hear, go to the App Store or Google Play and search for Bose Hear.  Depending on the settings on your device, the Bose Hear app my update automatically. Otherwise you must choose to install it.


When you open the updated Bose Hear app, it will automatically download firmware version 1.4.1.  Once that is downloaded you can update your Hearphones.


Bose Hear app version 1.2.2

Release Notes:

  • Bug Fixes and Improvements as well as a new connection user experience, rather than connecting in the app via the old “drag to connect” method, there is now a big black and white button that says “Connect Product”.


Bose Hearphones firmware 1.4.1

Release Notes:

  • Resolved Bug: the battery would drain after charging if the Hearphones weren’t used




Firmware 1.3.3


Hearphones users.


Great news!  We have updated our Hearphones mobile app and the Hearphone software so that your experience will be even better!  The new features include: 

  • Automatic Earbud Muting:  Each earbud will now automatically mute when removed from your ear, and unmute when re-inserted. The app will show a banner when this happens. Clicking this banner will provide more information.  You can disable this muting in your settings menu to return to make it work like it did before the update.
  • Telephone Improvements:
    • When using the telephone, the quality of your own voice pick-up has been improved.
    • Hearphones will now not turn off based on the auto-off timer while a phone call is in progress.
  • Battery Charge Reporting Improvements:
    • The percentage of battery charge remaining has been updated to better represent usage time remaining. Battery life remains at the same level of performance as previously, it is just the reporting of battery life that is now more accurate.

The Hearphones app is programmed to automatically connect to the internet and update your Hearphones when an update is available.  When an update is available, a banner will appear with ‘Update’ under your Hearphones name on the main WORLD VOLUME screen.  When you click this, it can take up to 20 minutes to finish preparing – the timing depends on how the smartphone is connected to the internet.  While it’s doing that, there’s a black notification bar across the top of the app that says “preparing update.”  If you tap that bar, the app offers you the choice of being notified or not when the Hearphones have received the update.                                                                                                              


Once the preparation is complete on the Hearphones, the bar at top of screen says “update now”.  Tap that and you get a screen with update notes.  The Hearphones will go into update mode (red and green lights solid) for a few minutes and the app will show a spinning circle.  When the update is complete, the app will return to the main wheels screen.                                                                                                                            


If you have any trouble with any of these steps, please call Customer Service at 800-761-2673 and they will be happy to walk you through the update.


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