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Nov 15, 2020

Hearing Difficulty

I need an immediate solution!!!!


I have a 93 year old uncle currently installed/quarantined in a Skilled Nursing Rehab Center in Colorado, with one working hearing aid (right ear), a speech impediment and, no real viable solution in which to communicate with family members who would choose to visit.  COVID-19 has placed upon the Skilled Nursing Rehab center with the prohibition that any visitor communicate with my Uncle through his bedroom window - literally and figuratively with me shouting in the cold Colorado weather and him in his room attempting to hear with his one working hearing aid.


I believe that BOSE has a solution for the patient, my Uncle - a headset with two ear covers, a lowering microphone and a power source that would allow honest, state of the art sound to be received from me (his visitor) and an equal set up for me to hear from him.   While this arrangement would suffice for in-person visitations there is an additional need for my Uncle.  That is, using the previously described ear phones, microphone and power source be able to be used with the Skilled Nursing Rehab Center's existing phone system.  My uncle cannot utilize the existing Rehab Center's phone system without someone alerting him that he has a phone call and then having the caller continuously shout into their hand set from which ever State they reside.  Additionally, because my Uncle has difficulty with his throat muscles, his voice projection is weak at best and makes hearing my Uncle very difficult.  


As I stated previously, I believe BOSE has a solution or something that is close to a solution has humanly or technically possible.  Just let me know what it is and I will purchase it!!!!


My Uncle is a Retired Master Gunnery Sergeant with 30 years of service with the U.S. Marines and I would like to make these more difficult times as easy as possible for him.  I remain grateful for your reading my request and look forward to your solution.  Sincerely,  Kathleen M. Creighton