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Sep 15, 2018

Hearphone gasket coming loose AGAIN (the second)

I wanted to add a comment to this thread but it has been archived and locked, so I recreate a new thread by linking the original :



I encounter exactly the same problem.
At the end of last year, I had my hearphones replaced under warranty and 7 months later, the problem comes back...

The most annoying for me is that I live in Europe and the product is not sold here, I am obliged to call a contact living in the United States to run the warranty. This involves paying 120 dollars of transport costs (insurance required) for the round-trip...
This is a shame to have to exchange the product every year for a rubber problem 😞
I love my hearphones and as for people above, having to
live without them 2 to 3 weeks (because of the distance) is really problematic with my hearing loss.

This recurring problem makes me think of a hidden defect even though we are lucky that this problem occurs before the end of the product warranty.

Anyway, I will probably return my product a second time in a very short time and I'll be at my 3rd pair of hearphones.
Could you bring this problem back to your design / development division in order to avoid this recurring defect ?

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Re: Hearphone gasket coming loose AGAIN (the second)

Hi Missyloo,


Thank you for writing. I'm sorry you've had this problem with neckband gasket coming loose again.  Your experience suggests this is a much more pervasive problem than we have experienced, but we want you to be satisfied and can resolve the issue under warranty.


Yes, it would be simpler if you were in the US. Unfortunately since Bose Hearphones are only sold and supported in the US, we can only offer warranty service to customers with a US shipping address.


In most locations, you should be able to reach Bose Hearphones support at this number. 1 800-761-2673. Please call them and see if they can find a way to expedite the situation for you.


Thank you,