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How are you using your Bose Hearphones?

Here's an interesting use for Hearphones.



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Source: Bird Folks Hearing is Believing


Are you using your Hearphones in interesting ways?


Please tell us all about it.





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Feb 2, 2019

Re: How are you using your Bose Hearphones?

One way I use my Hearphones that might be interesting is in theaters. I'm a huge fan of musicals, and they're so much better with my Hearphones.


I have moderate hearing loss, and my hearing aids are really annoying in any theater - movies as well as live, but especially for live theater. The sound is tinny, and I do understand why, but it really takes away from listening to music. And they're terrible for fast volume changes - from lowest to highest takes 8 seconds, and beeps 14 times.


I have tried the assisted listening devices provided in theaters, and while they're a lot better than they used to be, they're still not very good. They amplify specific microphones (freqently in the orchestra, which I don't need to be louder), rather than just all the sounds equally. The Hearphones are much better. They're also great when a show is loud, or when I'm sitting too close to a speaker.


Of course using the Hearphones only works because I can control them without using my phone, just the buttons on the cord.


If Bose could replace the assisted listening devices in theaters with Hearphones, you'd make a lot of people a lot happier.


And thanks for really improving my theater experience.