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Dec 23, 2016

How are you using your Bose Hearphones?

Here's an interesting use for Hearphones.



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Source: Bird Folks Hearing is Believing


Are you using your Hearphones in interesting ways?


Please tell us all about it.





Ellen C
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Feb 2, 2019

Re: How are you using your Bose Hearphones?

One way I use my Hearphones that might be interesting is in theaters. I'm a huge fan of musicals, and they're so much better with my Hearphones.


I have moderate hearing loss, and my hearing aids are really annoying in any theater - movies as well as live, but especially for live theater. The sound is tinny, and I do understand why, but it really takes away from listening to music. And they're terrible for fast volume changes - from lowest to highest takes 8 seconds, and beeps 14 times.


I have tried the assisted listening devices provided in theaters, and while they're a lot better than they used to be, they're still not very good. They amplify specific microphones (freqently in the orchestra, which I don't need to be louder), rather than just all the sounds equally. The Hearphones are much better. They're also great when a show is loud, or when I'm sitting too close to a speaker.


Of course using the Hearphones only works because I can control them without using my phone, just the buttons on the cord.


If Bose could replace the assisted listening devices in theaters with Hearphones, you'd make a lot of people a lot happier.


And thanks for really improving my theater experience.

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May 5, 2019

Re: How are you using your Bose Hearphones?



I bought my hearphones on April 5, 2019 and until March 30, 2020 I used them every day. My hearing tests as almost normal. So why am I using hearphones daily? About three and a half years ago I had a traumatic head injury, a blow to the back of my head just right of center. The concussion effected my sense of sight, hearing, and taste. I am still dealing with the symptoms of post concussion syndrome.


In 2016 at my first appointment with a neurologist I was told a long list of things I should not do: no working, no driving, no bright lights, no loud noises, no computer, no TV, no figuring or puzzling things out. I was told to rest my brain, that I needed to give my brain a vacation from thinking. I was later told to have vision and balance therapy, but hearing therapy was not mentioned.


During my vision therapy I was given a lot of advice about protecting my vision and I was basically told to give my brain a vacation from what was hard for the vision processing area of my brain to handle. I was also given some advice about protecting my hearing (including to buy high frequency ear plugs), but I was not able to give the sound processing area of my brain a vacation ... until I found Bose hearphones. (Thanks to that CBS Sunday Morning show story about them.)


The Bose hearphones noise cancel background sound. They eliminate that sound from my hearing and they allow me to control part of what I do hear. They allow me to limit the amount of sound that the sound processing area my brain has to handle! I even occasionally hit the mute button. I can finally give the sound processing area of my brain the vacation it has needed. I found hearing therapy. Thank you!!


When I started using Bose hearphones it took a little while for me to figure out just how to use them to my best advantage. I use them to shift some of what I hear: away from my right ear and to my left ear and away from treble and towards bass. Usually I have the directional setting on surround sound and world volume around 10. I like having the right side sound coming to my right ear and the left side sound coming to my left ear. I don't like having the sound from both sides combined and the same sound sent to both ears. I keep the phone app handy so I can raise, lower, or mute the world volume as needed. For example, while watching TV during the commercials I will frequently mute the world volume.


Thanks to the hearphones I have been able to limit the amount of sound that my brain has to process.

Just wearing them is slightly relaxing, it's feels good when I limit the amount of sound that the sound processing area of my brain has to handle. When I mute the sound to both ears it can be an almost total silence and it is very relaxing. I can finally give the sound processing area of my brain a vacation. You have no idea how important this ability is for me. In April of 2019 after a couple of days of using hearphones I experienced an unmistakeable improvement in the symptoms of my post concussion syndrome. The Bose hearphones have definitely helped me.


On March 30, 2020 my hearphones broke and I was without them for 25 days. (The first replacement hearphones were broken.) Yes, my post concussion syndrome symptoms worsened during that time. Now that I again have working hearphones, I am gradually improving, and I hope to return to how I was on March 30, 2020 soon.


I know that insurance companies will not currently cover the cost of hearphones. But I do believe that there are a lot of people who have had a traumatic brain injury that these could help, namely anyone who had a concussion over three months ago and still has a sensitivity to sound.


You have created a tool for hearing therapy. I can never thank you enough. Thank you!