IFTTT ( If This Then That)

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IFTTT ( If This Then That)

 I have been using my Hearphone 'ears' for about 4 weeks. I have several modes saved for various scenarios in different locations. So, I pull my phone out, start the app, select MODES and scroll to the one for this location. If the Bose app could connect to my IFTTT app it could be triggered to change MODES as my GPS location changes. This would not work for all needs for MODE changes but it could when I get home, get to church, get to work, to grocery store, etc. IFTTT can assist any phone app to external conditions....location, weather, schedules, security.....So Bose, can you make the app to app connection ? Thanks, 

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Re: IFTTT ( If This Then That)

Hi JerryN,


Thank you for joining the Bose Hear Community. Welcome.


It sounds like you're using your Hearphones in lots of settings. That's great to hear.


Thanks for this interesting suggestion. I'll pass this on to our engineering team.  If you have other ideas, please add your voice to this discussion: 

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