In a barrel

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In a barrel

I got my Hearphones a week ago.  When they are in my ears and switched on, it is like I am in a barrel or my ears are plugged with water (as in swimming). My own voice is too loud , but if I set the World Volume down enough to offset this effect somewhat, then I can't hear other people very well. I have yet to try these in a loud restaurant, so cannot comment on their effectiveness in noisy situations.

A friend with regular hearing aids said his doctor told him that problem was because there is no path for outside sounds to equalize the pressure inside the ear.

I will try using the small earbuds - maybe that will allow the pressure equalization.

ALSO, the buttons on the inline control are too awkward and poorly placed for practical use. Just trying to find the right button usually pulls the earbud out because the right side cable is so short.  So I have to use the iPhone app, which is slow to startup, partly due to the photo of a man displaying for several seconds. 

In short, not very impressed.  Several of the important problems with hearing assisting devices have not been solved by Bose.

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Re: In a barrel

Hi roobmorrison,


Thank you for joining the Bose Hear Community. 


I know it can seem odd at first, but when you've got your Hearphones in (with the right-sized StayHear+ tips), the outside world will sound muffled, and you will hear your voice louder than or differently than usual.


The StayHear+ tips should form a light seal. This is the passive part of the noise cancellation. The other part is active noise cancellation.


Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphone technology is a method of reducing unwanted noise by electronically creating a signal that is the mirror image of the unwanted noise. Unwanted noise might include sounds of fans or public transportation, other talkers in a restaurant and even the sound of the customer’s own voice. Microphones in the earbuds monitor sound in the customer’s ear and externally. The monitored sound is compared to the sound the customer wants to hear (the signal coming from the directional microphones or audio input—this could be speech, music or silence). The difference between the monitored sound and the sound the customer wants to hear is noise. The system electronics instantly process the noise signal, and a precise equal and opposite signal is created. This opposite signal is then sent to the speaker in the earbud along with the sound the customer wants to hear. The results is three signals being presented to the customer’s ear: noise from the environment, the sound the customer wants to hear and the correction signal from the electronics. The noise and correction signals nearly cancel each other, providing a clean, high-fidelity sound signal at the ear.


"I have yet to try these in a loud restaurant, so cannot comment on their effectiveness in noisy situations."

We engineered Bose Hearphones for use in environments where you may have difficulty understanding conversations, such as in a noisy place or when watching television with someone else who prefers a different volume.


In quieter settings, you may not experience the benefits to the same extent. Some people don't enjoy the noise cancellation feature, and I agree, the controls on the handset can be a challenge for some. It took me a little time to get familiar with the buttons and what they do. It may be the same for you.


The photo of the man appears while the Bose Hear is loading. It may take longer on your device depending on the processor speed and available memory. 


I hope you'll have a chance to use your Hearphones in a noisy setting soon.


We want you to be thrilled with your decision to get your Bose Hearphones. If you're not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, simply return it within the 30-day* trial period for a full refund.






* If purchased from Bose. If your purchased your Bose Hearphones from another source, please contact them within their return period.

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Re: In a barrel

I agree with all the answers except slow loading. I have a iPhone X. I have loads of memory and the fastest chip in a phone and it is slow to load