Low Frequency Loss

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Low Frequency Loss

I have mild to moderate hearing loss in low frequency in both ears. High frequency is normal. Does anyone know if this hearphone can help with low frequency?
One review I read says its for high frequency. Many hearing devices are only because 90 to 95% of hearing loss is high frequency. I just happen to fall in the very small minority.

Thanks in advance
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Re: Low Frequency Loss

Hi carmax17,


Thank you for joining the Bose Hear Community and thanks for the great question.


Bose Hearphones are engineered to enhance your ability to have conversations in noisy environments. We don't recommend them as a solution for hearing loss.


The best way to know if Hearphones will work for you is to try them.  You can do that at Bose retail stores or buy them online and use them for 30 days (see Returns).

When you try them, be sure to use the Bose Hear App. You can control World Volume and Bass/Treble.