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Movie theater

Do hearphones help hear the voice track at the movie theater?
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Hi archierushjr,


Thank you for joining the Bose Hear Community.  That's a great question.


Bose doesn't specifically set out 'helping you to hear the voice track at the movie theater" as an application for Bose Hearphones. Speaking personally, once in awhile my family drags me off to the movies, and it's usually something loud and flashy. I take my Hearphones because they reduce the overall noise level and then I can bring up what I want to hear with the World Volume. It also helps to have the Directivity set to Focussed.  A lot of special effects, surround-sound seems to be coming at me from the sides so the Focussed mode seems to reduce all that audio clutter.


The best way to know if Hearphones will work for you is to try them.  You can do that at Bose retail stores. I can't promise, but you might find a helpful staff person who can simulate at theater experience for you.

You can buy them online and use them for 30 days (see Returns).  Take in a few movies, and tell us what you hear. 




PS When you try them, be sure to use the Bose Hear App. You can control World Volume and Bass/Treble and Balance.