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Re: Charging and retaining battery life

I'm taking a l-o-o-n-g flight in a couple of days, really counting on using the Hearhphones of course,  and wanted to find out the latest on battery life.  Naturally, unhappy to see this thread as now I don't know what to expect - I haven't yet tried to use them for longer than an hour or so and hoping they don't let me down this time.  Has anyone found a workaround other than the (extremely tedious) battery-draining routine posted earlier?



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Re: Charging and retaining battery life

Hi jimh12345,


It looks like one of the Bose moderators moved your post here to the Hearphones community. I'm glad they did.


When you turn on your Hearphones, and then turn them on, do you hear

"Battery 100%"

If so, then you don't have the issue discussed in the other thread that refers to a different device.


How long is your flight? If it's more than 6* hours I'd take a USB battery power-pack. There are lots of small ones for under $20. You might have to do a quick-charge mid-flight.  If you run out of power, you don't have to charge for a full two hours.  You can probably charge for 15-30 minutes to get you through the rest of the flight.


Does that help?



*I'm super conservative about battery projections.