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My ears hurt for 2 or 3 days but now I can wear them all day now with no pain.
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My story. I've been wearing traditional hearing aids for about 11 years, though should have been wearing them a lot longer. I've always been frustrated by a number of things about them, which I thought were probably due to a combination of limitations of the technology, design compromises, size restrictions, different priorities than mine, and really not being designed for end-users. (Yes, I've given this a lot of thought over the years.)


I've been wearing the Hearphones for a few months, and they're better for me than my hearing aids in a lot of situations. I think the biggest difference is that the Hearphones give me added speech clarity without added loudness. I'd never thought before about how much quiet contributes to good hearing; I'd always thought that louder was better. The Hearphones make it clear that that's not true. I need some things to be louder, but not everything. The Hearphones directivity is so much better than that of my hearing aids: it makes a big difference in loud restaurants and bars. But I'm also finding them to be better in theaters, both live and movies. I used to need the assisted listening devices offered in live theaters, and I no longer do.


And the sound is just better - not only because of the improvement in noisy environments, but it's also a lot more comfortable in general. Loud noises aren't as sharp, many sounds just aren't as harsh. Sounds feel like they're coming directly into my ears, like with earbuds, rather than coming from the outside world.


The Hearphones are much more user-friendly than my hearing aids. In addition to having more control over what I hear,
it seems clear to me that a lot of thought went into how they work with real-world use and users.


Seriously, what a difference. Thank you for a great product.

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I knew I had hearing loss, but the expense of "regular" hearing aids was just too much. They work great for me and I will just highlight some settings I use. World Volume ranges from -10 to +5, occasionally +10. Just depends on how noisy the environment is and what I need to listen to. Direction is generally everywhere, but I do use directional in restaurants in order to focus on the people at my table. Treble sounds about right at 10 and I rarely change it.

I love the way if gets rid of heating/ac noise, and car noise drops quite a bit too. 

The only thing that gets to me is "snapping" sounds. While clipping some excess plastic from parts I was working on the amplification is LOUD!. If I make sure I clip below "line of site" I.E. head straight ahead, clipping at stomach level the sound seems normal. Looking at the part while I clip causes a very loud snap in the headphones. Someday I hope that type of noise will be attenuated.

I do love them and often wear them everywhere. People ask, I explain, and everything is normal. Having them sticking out of my ears is not an issue for me. The people that complain that they are only "good" for 500 charges, get over it. ALL lithium ion batteries are rated about the same. It is just the technology. Cell phones have the same expected battery life and I paid more for my cell phone that the hearphones. And I consider the hearphones more important to my life than the cell phone. I fully intend on disaembling mine when the time comes to see what the options are for extending their life Smiley Happy