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Where do you use your Hearphones most?

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I use my Hearphones most in noisy restaurants and evening hotspots. It used to be exhausting to carry on conversations in these settings. It's a relief and a joy to participate again.


I usually have the Directivity set to Focussed mode so I can hear the people I am facing. I set the World Volume to suit the situation.


How about you?



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Feb 11, 2019

Re: Where do you use your Hearphones most?

I put my Hearphones on as one of the last steps of getting dressed in the morning and take them off as the start of undressing at night. They have dramatically increased my ability to engage in conversations, even over professionally fitted and adjusted hearing aids. I have had them for three weeks; I am still experimenting with the settings. In general, I keep the WV about 80, the base about 10, and directivity to everywhere. That works with family conversations at home, outside, and in the car. It allows me to understand page numbers and sermons at the synagogue. ST, I can echo what you said about restaurants, even to the words of joy and relief. This setup also allows me to listen to TV.


Last week, the family went to Walt Disney World to participate in races raising money for the Childrens Miracle Network, which supports chidrens hospitals across the nation. I ran the 10K, coming in second (25 seconds behind the winner) in my age/gender group and bettering my time by 7 minutes over last year. My Hearphones sat on my shoulders, during my race, the days of recovery touring the parks, and during meals with family and friends who live in Florida or were visiting. All went well except that on days of pre-dawn races and evening meals, the battery would die before bedtime (once while extolling the Hearphones virtues to an old friend; the charger being back at the hotel). It is true: if I charge the batteries for fifteen minutes, I can participate in the remainder of the evening. That requires paying attention to battery level and having the foresight to bring the charger.


I've gotten out of the habit of listening to online music. Hearing aids made it sound like I was listening to an old transistor radio. Now, I prefer to forego Bluetooth transmissions to extend battery life. These devices have become part of my life.