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Sep 11, 2019

WiFi Hearphones?


I desperately new hearing assistance! I tried your Hearphones and the sound quality and volume was terrific! The problem I had was with the Collar, it was constantly turning around on my neck and caused tangled wires. When it comes to sound, Bose is always the best option. I'm about to spend several thousand dollars on In-Ear hearing aids but very skeptical? I've head that Bose is working on a hearing assistance product? If only your ear buds could provide WiFi hearing assistance? Are there any plans for such a product? If so, I will wait? Also, I would gladly volunteer to be a Beta tester for any hearing assistance product? Thank you very much!   

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Dec 23, 2016

Re: WiFi Hearphones?

Hi, Paul.


Thank you for joining the Bose Hear Community.


I'm glad you enjoyed the sound quality and volume of Bose Hearphones. I'm sorry they didn't work out for you with the collar.


"WiFi hearing assistance".

I'm not sure what you mean by "WiFi" in the context of headphones. Nonetheless, Bose does comment on products that may be in development.


I'm sorry, I cannot offer any insight into future plans.