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Aug 2, 2020

hearing Aids should also have noise cancliation

Today I wanted to show my mom the magic of AR with my Bose headphones 700. But she can't hear it. I spent a year in this technology. I wanted here to experience the same. But she was unable to hear. I believe my technology can help thousands of people. But those who have a hearing problem will never be able to experience audio argument reality. This is not done, I decided to buy headphones but its not available anywhere in India, and you are to ship it to India. Please help me out with getting headphones and somehow make it as bose 700 AR

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Re: hearing Aids should also have noise cancliation

Hi, romanchsharma,


Thank you for joining the Bose Hear Community.


Unfortunately, Bose Hearphones are sold and supported only in the US. Bose has not announced plans to sell these in other regions. If you have a US shipping address, you can purchase Bose Hearphones. I'm sorry not to have any other suggestions.