"virtually" indestructible

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"virtually" indestructible

I have been a hearphone owner for approx 1.5 years and am thrilled with the performance. My friends and work mates call them my "ears". Couple nights ago, I was leaving work (Pawn Shop) with a few items going to the other shop along with my earphones packed in their case (don't use them in the car - too much roadnoise). I put all these items on the roof of my car while I dug out my keys. When I unlocked the car, I put all the items in the back seat - all except the hearphones.

As I left the parking lot and proceeded along the road, I heard a "bump - bump" from my roof and immediately remembered I had left the hearphones on my roof. I pulled into the next parking lot and got back to where a heard the bump just in time to see them get run over.

I retrieved them from the road expecting to find them totally destroyed and - to my amazement - they were OK. One of the rubber seams is a little worse for the wear but they still operate 100%.

Be interesting to hear from others with stories of unusual wear and tear.

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Re: "virtually" indestructible

Hi bmulloy2000,


Thanks for sharing your story.  I don't have anything close to what you've experienced, Sometimes I leave the house without the case and end up tossing my Hearphones into my chaotic backpack at some point. There's a bunch of stuff in there - laptop. iPad, power supply, reading material (just in case the batteries die), and whatever else I might need in my travels. The Hearphones always survive the melee.