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Feb 28, 2018

901 Series 3 speaker cables

Hi All
I have a question about my 901 Series 3s.
I bought my speakers used about 5 years ago. The cabinets are in very good shape and I replaced the foam surrounds with fabric surrounds. They are positioned correctly and sound great to me. 

Recently, I replaced my old, spliced 8 gauge Monster speaker cables with 14 gauge Audio Quest long grain copper cables. The sound is much brighter and cleaner but I’ve lost the three-dimensional sound the 8 gauge produced. Also, I had to remove the original washers on the speaker's connection posts because the signal from the new 14 guage cables wasn’t coming through and 1 of the speakers wasn’t working. When I removed the washers they both produced the clean bright sound.

My stereo is all 70s equipment in good shape: A recently serviced Sansui AU-717 Integrated amplifier (85-100+ watts depending on who you ask); Sansui TU-417 tuner; Thorens TD-160 turntable w/ Lynn Basik tonearm and the Bose 901 Series 3 speakers w/ matching equalizer & tulip stands.

Question, were the 8 gauge Monster Cables over driving the speakers to produce the 3-D sounds I got?. 
I kind of miss that spacial sound. Is there anyway to get it back? 
The obvious answer is to use 10 gauge or bigger, but everything I've read says good quality 14-16 gauge should be sufficient over short distances. Thanks Scott

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Dec 5, 2016

Re: 901 Series 3 speaker cables

Hi Scott,


Thanks for the question.  For the gauge of the speaker wire, 14 or 12-AWG would be absolutely fine, unless you are running very long distances.  Having a larger speaker wire (something like 8-AWG) isn't going to necessarily send more power to your speakers, but it will allow for more power to pass through if it is there (and if you're only sending 85-100 watts to each speaker, there's no difference).


If you have more questions, please let us know!


Best Regards,

Brandon - Bose Support