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Oct 19, 2017

Acoustimass 10 Series V power issue

I recently bought this system at a Bose outlet store.  Factory re-certified system.  Installed with a brand new Onkyo 676 AV receiver.  All seems good.  Now, when the system is idle for 12 or more hours (not in use, no attached components on except the AV receiver in stby), the speaker system seems like it is powering down.  When I start up the components, TV, or just the AV receiver to listen to FM, the speaker system seems like it's simply doing a pass-thru of the signal.  Sounds like a transistor radio.  If I shut everything down and power cycle (pull the plug) the Acoustimass module, then restart the components, all is good in paradise.  Love the sound this thing produces when it's working, but having to power cycle the unit is unacceptable.  Any pointers as to what may be wrong or did I do something wrong?  Followed all the directions to the letter and tuned the system with the Onkyo built-in Accu-EQ system.  Works great when it works, but....  Please help.