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Mar 27, 2020

Acoustimass 16 series 2 6.1 and Dolby atmos

How should I wire my atmos setup? I have a 10yr old Bose acoustimass 16 series 2 system 6.1 that I have been using forever. I recently purchased a new Onkyo receiver and installed 2 more Polk audio floor standing speakers in front and another Klipsch subwoofer in front. I am setup and running at 5.1.2 And the Bose sub in the rear of my room. It sounds great, every channel works as it should however I notice anytime someone talks the Bose subwoofer adds bass to the vocals As well as all the other cube speakers and it’s hard to hear the center channel for some of my back seats that sit near the acoustimass module. Right now I have the 6.1 setup going through the acousticmas module and the Polk floor standing and klipch subwoofer right into the Onkyo receiver. Should I rewire and have all of my speakers directly to the Onkyo? I suspect I will not have enough full range from the small cubes. They are all small double cubes. Will this be better to let Onkyo process the sound and bass. Rather than Bose? Also my setup mic changes my crossover to 40hz for all channels, (80 hz on the Subwoofer) Instead of full range. I don’t really see any difference changing those values, I still get the bass from the vocals out of my subwoofer