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Nov 6, 2017

Acoustimass 300 Wireless Bass Module low bass

Acoustimass 300 Wireless Bass Module has very low bass, hardly noticeable at low and mid volume setting. This has been the case since the purchase in July, 2017. Like to get this addressed prior to warranty expiration. There are other threads for the same issue. Done factory reset multiple times and acoustimass setup with no improvement. Please provide steps to address this issue.


Re: Acoustimass 300 Wireless Bass Module low bass

Hallo venu_mudunury,


Thanks for your post and I'm sorry to hear about the low bass issues.


Given that you purchased your system in July 2017, the software version that would have been active at the time within your SoundTouch system was version 15.x. This version was known to have a lower bass yield than the previous version 14.x, where the bass output was actually higher than planned.


Can I ask if you are running the latest software, version 16.x? This was released in September and has resolved the bass issues with version 15.x to the satisfaction of most customers.


One workaround that we are suggesting to customers who are still not happy with their module's bass response is as follows:


•    Factory reset the ST300, which resets the EQ settings
•    Run AdaptIQ without connecting the bass module
•    Connect the bass module up, do NOT run AdaptIQ a second time

Can you confirm if this method yields an improvement?


As a side note, we would not repair the bass module in such cases unless the module were no longer producing any bass whatsoever.


Best regards


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