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May 12, 2017

Acoustimass 6iii vs 15 hookup

I'm having a mystery with my acoustimass system.   Currently using the Acoustimass 6 single cube 5.1 speakers hooked up to an Aoustimass 15i module.   Works great, no problems. However, it's just too bassy for my apartment, so got a secondhand Acoustimass 6iii module. Both units have the same cable/jack configuration on the back and use the same 15pin connector.   It appears on the Acoustimass 6, that in order to get the right front channel speaker to work, I have to plug the speaker into the left rear output of the bass module... and vice versa.  The right front and left rear outputs are reversed.  I have borrowed a second AM 6 bass module and it's the same thing.     To give an example, say I have a CD playing thru my reciever, just using 2.1 speakers.  When using the -15- module, the two front speakers work as advertised.    If I disconnect the right front  speaker from the AM15 bass module and plug it into the AM6 right front output (moving the 15pin cable over too),    There's no sound.  I have to plug the right front speaker into the left rear output to get the sound.  The other speakers work as advertised.     Any ideas/explanations?