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Mar 18, 2019

Adaptiq Disc 2 playing like audio CD instead of loading AdaptIQ program

Bose Tech Support gave up, so figured I'd ask here. 


I have a Bose Lifestyle 28.  Trying to run the AdaptIQ to set up the sound profile for my living room.  There are 2 discs, the first is a DVD, and the 2nd is a Data CD.  The DVD (disc 1) works fine... I follow it all the way up to where it tells me to put in Disc 2.  When I put in Disc 2, the lifestyle says "loading" for a couple minutes, then just starts playing audio tracks like it is an audio (MP3) CD - the first of the tracks are all in Danish.   One tech support person (Jet) told me I had to listen to all the different languages, and then do what it told me to do when it started speaking a language I know (yeah, right), the 2nd support person I got (Jet's Supervisor) told me it should only play english and instruct me what to do.  He was more of the type that was just telling me it should just work when you put the disc in.  I played it for him and showed him also how it just starts playing Danish... after several minutes he put me on hold so he could test how it is supposed to work himself in the lab.   He comes back to the phone and tells me he tested it out on his own Lifestyle 28 in the support tech area, and said it is broken the same way - his just starts playing Danish on disc 2 as well.  As such, he told me "it's broken" and that I can't use AdaptIQ anymore, and that I should just adjust the audio manually and started walking me through how to change bass and treble and such but I stopped him and told him I already knew how to do all that.  I said I thought AdaptIQ adjusted some of the equalization not available manually, but he said it just adjusts center volume, surround volume, and bass/treble the same way you can adjust them yourself, and encouraged me to just ignore the adaptIQ issue and manually adjust from now on.


Technical Assumption:

From what I can gather/assume/assert, the 2nd disc is supposed to load some form of an adaptIQ program into the console, and it then uses the audio tracks of the CD to play the instructructions to the consumer and tells them what to do (move to listening position 1, etc.).  I'm guessing something is preventing the actual AdaptIQ program from loading, so the console eventually gives up and just starts playing the audio tracks (mp3 files) on the disc in order - Danish being the first . 


If I look at the disc (on a computer), it has a Common folder with lots of .M2V files - these seem to correlate to the instructions like Tuning, Banner, Into, Press, Pos1, Pos2, etc.  Then it has 8 language folders filled with MP3 files that correlate back to these .M2V commands/directives.  Again, the first folder is COMMON, then DANSK, DEUTSH, ENGLISH, ESPANOL, FRANCAIS, HOLLANDS, ITALIANO, SVENSKA.  The root just has a simple text file called ADAPTIQ1.BOS which simply contains "ADAPTiQ1" in it.  


So given Bose Tech Support said it can't be made to work, figured I'd reach out to this community and see if they have ideas.  Anyone know how to get the Lifestyle 28 to actually load this disc or know the real details of what AdaptIQ actually does, or how it actually works?  The disc seems to be in perfect shape - all the audio mp3 files play just fine, and there are not any scratches on the disc or anything (its basically brand new) - so wondering what could actually be wrong.


Any thoughts?