BOSE SOLO 5 has fried 2 AC adaptors

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BOSE SOLO 5 has fried 2 AC adaptors

As of Recent I purchased the Bose solo5. Since then it has dropped the power supply to two AC adaptors. How I know this is because I tested the output voltage.

It all started when I lost the ability to turn on the system. I tested the output voltage on the AC adaptor and found there was no voltage present. I thought that the issue was a faulty adaptor.

I ordered a new one and within a few hours the exact same issue happened again two transformers within the span of a few months apart.

What is causing this and how do I fix it. I'm at the point where I don't want anything to do with this system anymore and completely just put off the whole experience.

Can someone offer me some advice that is worth considering I have tried everything and spent $$ to much as it is.

Re: BOSE SOLO 5 has fried 2 AC adaptors

Hi Vinnie Val,


Sorry to hear about the issues.  What is the voltage coming out of the wall?  Is the power supply the same input voltage?


Is your power supply plugged directly into the wall, or into a surge protector?



Brandon - Bose Support