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Jan 8, 2017

Bose 301 Placement

I am thinking about acquiring Bose 301 bookshelf speakers for a built-in shelf unit at the end of the room. The current speakers are in box-like enclosures 18" deep x 14" high x 25 " wide, and the midpoints are 5' apart. Will this placement work with Bose 301 bookshelf speakers, or will the true sound be compromised? I have a good dealer (the Superstore in Williston, Vermont) and I am sure they would allow me to return them if the placement doesn't work, but it would be nice to know what the experts think in adavance.


I'm really looking for the rebroadcast feature to be added to Soundtouch, and I understand it may possibly appear late summer.

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Dec 13, 2016

Re: Bose 301 Placement

Hello fbginny67,

We would not recommend placing the 301's into an enclosure as it would effect the sound.