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Jun 3, 2020

Bose AV-3-2-1 Connection

I have a Bose AV 3-2-1 II system.  I am trying to connect to an older LG tv that only has an optical audio OUT option for an external audio.  We've also tried to hook it up to a new Samsung thru an optical audio OUT with no success.  (1)  Is there an avenue for repair or to check to see if the optical feature on the Bose works?  (2)  The other way we hooked it up was thru the audio of the cable box (so we know it works), but we cannot get sound thru the Bose on streaming program on the Samsung tv.  


Re: Bose AV-3-2-1 Connection

Hello MHarrington, 


Welcome to the forums. 


Can I please ask if you can see any damage to the optical port or cable? Also, have you tried any other optical cables? If so, did the system work correctly with any other TV's? Can you see any indication of power getting to the system, any messages on the screen? It would be great to have as much information as possible to look into this with you. 


I look forward to your reply.

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