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May 9, 2017

Re: Bose Cinemate 130 - upgrade to 4k unit

Hi Rickatk,


I don’t disagree with anything you’ve said. You’re 100% right nothing stands still. I work on the premise that when you get home with a new piece of kit/tech as soon as you plumb it in its out of date! 


I still have my ‘old’ Cinemate130 pride of place under the ‘latest’ Q9F 85” Samsung Qled TV. I’ve got all my inputs going into the Samsung One Connect box with 1 HDMI going out to the Bose unit via ARC & it works perfectly fine for me just now. So in summary I’ve worked around the 4K pass through issue by inputting everything into the TV & then pushing the audio to the Bose from the TV. I use the Samsung universal remote to control the volume on the Bose unit, all the functions on my Sky Q box & also to access Netflix (4K), Prime video (4K), YouTube (4K), Chromecast (4K) or any other online content via the apps on the TV. The only time I ever need to fish about for a secondary remote is on the odd occasion I’ve put on my Apple TV.


At this time I can’t justify the cost of an upgrade, no doubt that’ll change soon!