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Mar 6, 2019

Bose Companion 50 remote input

When an input is plugged in directly on the bose companion and I plug a second one on the additional input on the remote, I have a crackling noise even with no audio.


How can I fix it?

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Re: Bose Companion 50 remote input

Hi Ccoline!


Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community.


I am sorry to hear or the issues that you've been experiencing with your Comanion 50 speakers but would be happy to help.


To confirm, you currently have one source connected directly to the Acoustimass module's input, and one to the control pod? What are the sources of these two inputs, and have you tested swapping them to compare results?


I'd also recommend re-connecting all cables from the Acoustimass Module to the speaker array, by fully disconnecting them and the power, then re-connecting them back and ensuring that they are seated firmly.


I look forward to hearing back from you!


Kind regards,


Andy - Community Support

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