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Mar 27, 2018

Bose Mobile speaker II SoundLink Bluetooth DEAD


I saw another post with the same issue, but no solution. Our speaker is 4 years old. No strenuous usage.

Until yesterday, everything worked fine

(particularly: normal charging process, with a normal slight reduction of time between charges because of age).

Now, device completely dead. I tried the following :

* Charger checked with a meter => normal voltage (17V)

* Charger plugged => no led lit.

* Attempt holding 15 s the power button.

I am no too tempted for a battery replacement as it should work when plugged, unless the battery is shorted... Any suggestion please ? Thanks

**** UPDATE ****

I dismounted and remounted the battery pack, and it works again !

Possibly a problem with a contact ... (one of the battery's plastic fixing lug is deteriorated) 

According to the led, the battery was even fully loaded,

but because of the broken fixation, I will have to change this battery anyway.