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Mar 2, 2019

Bose Solo 15 doesn't switch on

My Solo 15 equipment doesn't switch on pressing the remote control button. The TV configured into the same remote does. 

I managed to reset the Solo 15 unplugging the power cord, waiting a minute and replugging. The Solo 15 starts working normally. After a few cycles (on/off) or some time (a few hours/day) it doesn't switch on again and I have to repeat the reset.

This is going on since a couple of weeks and my wife's complains are getting louder...

Any hints?


Re: Bose Solo 15 doesn't switch on

Hello Ar0s, 

Thank you for reaching out! I'm sorry to hear that you are having issues with your Solo 15, I will do my best to help you! 

From what I've read, it seems like you have gone through the recommended troubleshooting already. 
Have you tried a different power cable to see if there is possibly an issue with the cable. Just to narrow down any possible issues.

Alternatively, you can contact our technical support team who can provide assistance. 
To reach them, you can find their contact details Here. Select your region and then scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Contact us" to get their information. 

I hope this will resolve your issue.
If you have any further questions, please do message back! 

Enjoy your day! 
Liam - Community Support

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