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Nov 19, 2017

Bose Solo, Solo 10 and Solo 15

I originally purchased the Solo 10 and then the Solo 15.  The other day I saw a small soundbar that just says Bose Solo.  After looking on here I'm guessing it is the Bose Solo 5?  So did I just buy the oldest Solo?  I loved the others, but didn't have the room with the large tv.  What are the main differences between the three?  I'm just thinking I went backwards in the technology, but hoping that I didn't.

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May 16, 2016

Re: Bose Solo, Solo 10 and Solo 15

Hi ddalman, 


Thank you for your question. We made a few different variations of the Solo; the original was released in 2012 simply titled 'The Bose Solo' and is our oldest version of the system. Do you know if you have a series I or series II Solo 10? The series I was released in 2014 whereas the series II was released in 2015. The series I has a knob on the back to adjust bass where the series II has an 8 button remote with a bass adjustment on the remote itself. The big difference between the 15 and the 10 is that the 15 comes with a universal remote. The Solo 10 series II and 15 series II both support Bluetooth where the series I does not. The Solo 5, however, also supports Bluetooth and comes with the same universal remote as the 15 series II but is a much smaller unit at a lower price point. Some users prefer the increased output of the larger Solos while others prefer the smaller footprint, but personal preference should be the final arbiter. If you have any other questions, let us know! 


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Nov 12, 2015

Re: Bose Solo, Solo 10 and Solo 15

@Brent_B wrote:



... The big difference between the 15 and the 10 is that the 15 comes with a universal remote.


Hi Brent:


In addition to the features you mentioned, I would like to add that the Solo 15 has a bigger foot print, more speakers and the weight restriction is higher than the Solo 10.


I am really glad to see Bose brought back the Solo 15 speaker. I ordered one on Black Friday through the Bose site. Nice surprise to see the speaker aviaible again.


Great speaker!