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Nov 21, 2017

Bose Soundtouch 300 and 3rd part subwoofer


every body!


    I can post here thousand causes that sustain my deception with this product. But I dont want to waste my and your time, but if I see any stupid answer like "the Acoustimass 300 Wireless Bass" is all that you need, I gonna to post a long answer to the author explaning why it isn´t. So don´t say that!  😉


PROBLEM: Bose make a proprietary tech connector on Soundtouch 300 that DON´T work on ANY 3 part subwofer. Like I read on older posts, it is like you buy a car, but you just can use one brand of tires.


MY SOLUTION: Most of the TV´s have an auxiliar output stereo jack 3.5mm. So I bought a cheaper filter that allow only the low frequencies to pass to the subwofer. ( I dont know how do you call it in english, here we call "PASS LOW FILTER") Then I connect the cable on the TV jack, passing trought the filter and finally connect to my subwofer (it has active amplification)





-I spend money and time on a product that give-me poor sound than my 10 years old Panasonic Hometheater

-No I WILL NEVER buy the Acoustimass 300 Wireless Bass, because I brought the Soundtouch 300 in my luggage to my country and its insane to bring an subwofer.



-Hack the linux OS of soundbar to allow it send low frequency signal to subwofer trought the 3.5mm jack

-Take a hammer and broke all the Soundbar and post the video on youtube