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Nov 10, 2017

Bose Wave Radio Aux In - Sound Quality

I have 5 Bose Wave Radio systems (BWSTS IV (2 units), BWR III (2 units), AWRCC1) speakers. I have tried connecting an external source (a MD (minidisc player) which plays almost CD quality sound) into each one of them but I am not getting the sound quality I get when I am playing a CD (it may be asking too much but at least close). Each time I play music from an external source (via Aux In), I had to set the system's volume level up to 80 to make the sound loud enough and yet it does not sound great as well . I have also tried using about 4 different stereo cables but none helped.


Although if I connect my MD player the same way to a Denon sound system in the house (via Source In), it sounds great as it should.  


Anybody else notice this with their Bose Wave systems?


It makes me wonder - Is there a special 3.5 MM stereo cable that I need to use for the Bose Wave CD/Radio systems? Is this a known issue about the Bose Wave Radio systems? Any ideas to fix this "limitation" or "issue'?


Thanks for your help!

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Dec 5, 2016

Re: Bose Wave Radio Aux In - Sound Quality

Hello @Bose_Lover_AMP,


Thank you for the post. There is no "special" 3.5mm stereo cable that the Bose systems need, it just takes a standard cable. Could this be a possibility that the Minidisc player volume is set low? Have you tried adjusting that? Also, I remember when I owned a Minidisc, it had equalizer settings as well, can you make sure that those are turned off (i.e. Rock/Pop/Rap settings)?


Let us know the results.


Kind Regards,