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Aug 25, 2019

Bose bass 500 does not play LFE in audio test

Hi guys... I do have the 5.1 Bose 500 sound package... It use to work well but now while playing sound test videos the LFE channel does not sound at all. It use to before. I already ran the adapt IQ but it does not fix it. Note that the bass seems to be working while playing songs. Any ideas why or how to fix it?

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Sep 8, 2019

Re: Bose bass 500 does not play LFE in audio test

I am also having exact same issue ... any solution ? 

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Oct 4, 2017

Re: Bose bass 500 does not play LFE in audio test

I doubt it's a problem.  I'm sure when i tried a few test files I had similar issues.  From memory everything was normal with the fronts but when the sounds came through the rear speakers I also heard sound from the front speakers and nothing from LFE.  I believe it will be to do with how Bose processes the sound.


Re: Bose bass 500 does not play LFE in audio test

Hello LopezSound, 


Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Bose Community Forums. 


I am so sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with your system and would love to look into this further for you. 


To start with, please can you confirm a few things for me? 


  • Has anything changed on the TV?
  • Is it outputting audio via a different format (Dolby Digital, etc?)
  • Has the connection type changed?
  • What source are you using? 
  • Which tests are you running, could you please provide me with a link? 

I look forward to hearing back from you. 


Kind Regards, 

Vicky W - Community Support 


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