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Dec 1, 2019

Bose lifestyle 600 surround not working on my TV (Netflix/Youtube etc)

My Bose lifestyle 600 has been installed. The 5.1 surround works when I test it on the Dolby access clips, it works when I game on my Xbox One. 

However, digital T.V, Youtube and Netflix movies (although the movies support 5.1) does not seem to give me 5.1 surround. My centre speaker and subwoofer only work. Tried resetting the settings of my audio via bose remote, checked to see if it was set on 5.1 surround (it is). Still nothing. Any other ideas/suggestions as to why or how I can rectify this. Thanks in advance.

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Oct 4, 2017

Re: Bose lifestyle 600 surround not working on my TV (Netflix/Youtube etc)

I think that you've not got the audio settings set correctly in the TV so the Bose Console is only receiving Stereo (you don't mention whether your TV audio is routed to the Bose using HDMI ARC or whether you've used an optical connection to send the audio back to the console). In your TV sound menu there will be an option to set the audio output format.  I'd start there.