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Nov 22, 2017

Bose lifestyle Soundtouch 525 video problem flashing white noise - Optoma Projector

I have just bought the Bose Lifestyle Soundtouch 525 surround sound system for a great deal in the bose Cheshire Oaks store (recuced to £1500). The sound is great but I keep getting intermittent video problems. It flashes with white noise for a split second randomly. It is happening every minute or so and is driving me crazy whilst playing games and watching movies. It is connected to an Optoma HD projector via HDMI. I have tested different HDMI cables between the system and projector and also tested the different HDMI input ports on the bose system itself. The problem is still ongoing on all input ports which makes me think it is a connection problem between the hdmi and projector. I can't seem to find any threads with similar problems. If I can't sort it soon I will have to take it back and probably buy the new Sony Atmos 7.1.2 soundbar instead for the same price. Any of you guys know what it could be?