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May 5, 2017

Bose lifestyle - video cropped

We have a Bose LifeStyle Home Theater System MC1 Media Center W/ PS28 III Bundle.  

We plug an Alien laptop into the HDMI IN port.  We have an EPSON projector for OUT video.  The issue is: the picture is cropped by the Bose Media center.  None of the Bose settings correct this.  

We have tried a different laptop, with the same issue.  We have connected the Laptop directly to the Epson projector and there is no issues.  

All thoughts are welcome.

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Re: Bose lifestyle - video cropped

Hello aaberdale,

If you have not done so, make sure the video resolution is set to adjustable, assuming you are connect via HDMI in and out of the media center:

  1. In the System menu, set the video resolution to "Adjustable." Follow these steps:
    1. Be sure the TV is on with the correct input selected
    2. Press the System button on the remote
    3. Press the right arrow on the remote to select the Video icon
    4. Press the down until "Video Resolution" is highlighted
    5. Press the right arrow to select the current option
    6. Press the up or down arrows to change to the desired setting:
      1. Fixed: Prohibits any change to video resolution. When selected, Video Resolution is not available in the Settings menu
      2. Adjustable: Allows the user to select the resolution sent to the TV from the media console via HDMI
    7. Press the Exit button to leave the System menu