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Apr 24, 2018

Box, air sealing, and insulating around Bose 791's

I recently air sealed my attic and am getting ready to insulate it but wanted to know the best way to insulate around the Bose 791's.  Any good boxes to buy or would it be best to make a custom fit box for them?  I'm thinking it would be best to attach the box to the studs in the ceiling, and foam the box to the ceiling to air seal it.


Looking for some good advice or options.

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Dec 13, 2016

Re: Box, air sealing, and insulating around Bose 791's

Hello mark_frank,


While you should not necessarily need to box in the back of the 791's, you do want to leave a cubic foot of space around them in the wall to get the best sound. We hope this helps, thanks for posting and have a great day.


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- Emmet

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