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Mar 19, 2017

Brand new Sountouch 300 Soundbar won't power on

Hi there,


I bought a new Bose Soundtouch 300 Bar with Woofer and just opened the box yesterday. While the system started up and I was able to set it up and sync with its woofer wirelessly, it just stopped working after 6 hours of use. While watching a movie, it just simply died. I have tried to use alternate cables (considering a wire getting fused), however it doesnt power on.


I am wondering if anyone out on this form has a similar issue and can lend some advice.



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Dec 13, 2016

Re: Brand new Sountouch 300 Soundbar won't power on

Hello nomaan70,

The first thing to check if you are getting no power whatsoever is the power strip or outlet you're connecting to, and change if possible. To reset the system, follow these steps and use a different outlet:

Unplug the soundbar power cord from the power outlet

Wait 30 seconds

Reconnect the power cord

Wait 30 seconds for the system to reboot