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Jun 25, 2018

Cannot Find "SYSTEM" on the SoundTouch App for Mac

I cant find a thread like this anywhere so I guess I had to make an account and post this one. I'll make it brief. 

On the instructions for setting up the Soundtouch controller - The actual one that you have to purchase - it clearly states that one has to go to the Soundtouch app / Explore / System. Problem is, there is neither an "explore" option or "system" option, so now I'm stuck with a useless device that I cannot use. If these options do not exist within your software then why lead us on this wild goose chase? Some advice or clearance would be appreciated, thank you!

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Mar 15, 2018

Re: Cannot Find "SYSTEM" on the SoundTouch App for Mac

Hello croserobeltran


Thank you for joining the community!  I wanted to confirm a few pieces of information:


  • When you mention the SoundTouch controller, are you referring to the circular controller?
  • Which SoundTouch system are you trying to connect to?

The SoundTouch controller was manufactured to work with our older SoundTouch products that do not have the Bluetooth features built in.  If it's one of the newer systems, the "Connect SoundTouch Controller" option will not appear.


Warm Regards,

Tony - Community Support